What’s on the daily’s menu in the US?

What's on the dailys menu in the US

Although the United States is a country with diverse culinary cultures, each region has its unique cuisine. If Vietnamese people use rice to cook rice in their main meal, Americans use cereals and wheat to make bread, biscuits served with meat and mixed vegetables.
So let’s find out what the daily’s menu of Americans has in the article below!

What’s on the daily’s menu in the US?


Unlike some Asian countries, which often pay great attention to breakfast, in the US the daily breakfast menu is often made extremely simple and quick. American breakfast usually starts from 7:30 am – 7:30 am.

What's on the dailys menu in the US
American breakfast will choose toast with jam, or cookies.

Usually, American breakfast will choose toast with jam, or cookies. Along with that, they also choose for themselves some nutritional supplements such as milk, cereals, fruit juices (especially orange juice). For those who want to eat more, they will add dishes such as omelets, sausages. smoked pork,…
Some typical breakfast dishes in the daily’s menu of Americans such as:

  • Bread and cream cheese: especially bagels. Usually they will bake bread and add in the middle like jam and especially cheese. By Western countries, cheese is the household’s favorite condiment, indispensable in meals.
  • Bacon and eggs: considered a nutritious meal.
  • Cinnamon roll bread: Although the predecessor was in France, Americans also love this dish.


For Americans, they often have a very useful lunch break due to their busy work schedules. Usually they only have about 30 minutes to an hour to have lunch and rest. Therefore, American lunches are often convenient fast foods. Usually very few Americans will prepare a ready-to-eat lunch at home to enjoy.

The typical American lunch will be sandwiches with fillings such as fried chicken, fish, cheese, and butter. mustard,… In addition, they can choose cold Sandwiches such as ham, sliced ​​bacon, peanuts,… For some office workers or people who want to eat more energy meals, they will choose hamburgers and fast food of McDonald’s, KFC or pizza.

Some typical lunch dishes in the daily’s menu of Americans such as:

  • Soups and salads: are typical dishes at restaurants in the US. Depending on the taste of each person, they will choose salad in different ways, the most typical is Caesar salad.
    What's on the dailys menu in the US
    Soups and salads for lunch.
  • Snacks: for women who have a busy workday and a rather short lunch break. They often bring with them some snacks according to their preferences such as: fruits, carrots, cereals, chips…
  • Sandwiches: An American favorite for lunch. Because it’s easy to eat and convenient to prepare at home and take away. Usually they will sandwich bread with fairly simple fillings such as meat, cheese and vegetables.
    What's on the dailys menu in the US
    Fast food for lunch.
  • Fast food: there are dishes from famous convenience stores such as KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King… The most popular dishes they choose are Hamburger, french fries, fried chicken…

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Because breakfast is so simple and lunch is so convenient, Americans often attach great importance to dinner. They invest a lot of sophisticated effort to prepare themselves a hearty dinner. The American dinner usually starts at 6pm, in addition, before going to bed, they often eat a light meal such as fruit, fresh milk,…
The daily menu in the American dinner consists of 4 main courses: starter, main course, dessert and drink.

  • Appetizers: In the US, popular appetizers such as salad dressings, buttered sandwiches, soups or cheeses are often used.
  • Main course: popular in dinners are dishes made from beef, lamb, chicken, duck and seafood
  • Dessert: Americans often have dessert with ice cream, fruit or pudding.
  • Drinks: With milk and fruit juice for breakfast, Americans often use beer, soda or carbonated water for dinner.
    Relics Restaurant - Perfect place to have dinner.
    Relics Restaurant – Perfect place to have dinner.

For Americans, dinner can be eaten at home or a restaurant. Meals at home are usually weekdays. On occasions like holidays, birthdays or weekends people often like to go out or to a restaurant to enjoy dinner.

Thus, for Vietnamese people who often eat rice in their main meal, Americans use bread, cereals or vegetables such as potatoes, salads… In the US, dinner is the most important meal of the day, usually the most well-prepared.


Through the above article, hopefully you will know more about some dishes on the daily’s menu of Americans. From there, it helps you gain more knowledge about the United States so that you can travel or communicate with Americans in the best way.

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