10 most popular drinks in Japan that contain Alcoholic

10 most popular drinks

If you think that sake and matcha green tea are the only two popular drinks in Japan, you are wrong! In the article below we will introduce to you the 10 most popular drinks in Japan that contain Alcoholic. Let’s refer! 10 most popular drinks in Japan that contain Alcoholic Nihonshu (Sake) Without mentioning legendary […]

6 Popular Japanese Drinks Non-Alcoholic

6 Popular Japanese Drinks

Japan is well known for its cuisine, which includes a wide range of meals to suit all tastes. Similarly, the Asian country boasts a fantastic beverages scene to go along with its world-famous gourmet spectacular. Japan’s drinks are a beautiful blend of traditional and modern, just like the country itself. Some drinks have been popular […]

10 popular dishes in Japan that you should not miss when visiting

10 popular dishes in Japan

Of course, you’ll want to try Japanese cuisine when in Japan. There are many different sorts of cuisines and regional delicacies to select from, but here are ten traditional dishes. Take advantage of Arigato Japan’s online tours if you want to learn more about Japanese food. The tours feature explanations from chefs as well as […]

Washoku and interesting things about Japanese cuisine


If you’re familiar with Japanese food, you’ve most likely seen or tasted traditional dishes like sushi and ramen. Washoku, on the other hand, is a Japanese cuisine that many people are unfamiliar with but is essential to Japanese culture. You may have seen photographs or videos of it on the internet, but you are unaware […]

7 interesting things about japanese food culture that you should know

japanese food culture

Japan should be at the top of your international travel bucket list if you appreciate experiencing cuisine, culture, and culinary traditions. Please refer to 7 interesting things about Japanese food culture in the following article to understand more about this country. 7 interesting things about Japanese food culture Japanese cuisine is one of only three […]

What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider?

What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider?

Apple cider and apple juice are two types of beverages that are sold over the counter in many fast food, retail and grocery stores. However, people often cannot easily tell the difference between these two apple products. They can only rely on the information on their packaging to distinguish. If you are also unable to […]

9 benefits from apple juice for humans

9 benefits from apple juice for humans

Do you like to drink apple juice? If so, that’s good news for you. Apple juice has so many benefits that you will enjoy drinking it even more. We all know apple is the healthiest fruit, so is it better to consume it in juice form? Refer to the article below about 9 benefits of […]

5 American sweet pie should not be missed when traveling

American sweet pie

America is a multi-racial country, so the cuisine here is also extremely unique and attractive. For a long time, cakes in America have become very famous because of their attractive taste, the number of cakes is very diverse. If you come to the US without tasting the famous pastries of this country, you have missed […]

Check out the apple pie recipe right away to have delicious cakes

apple pie

Baked apple pie is a traditional American dessert, especially in North American restaurants. Apple Pie has a thin, crispy crust, but hidden inside is a charming sweet filling. The filling has a sweet taste, mixed with a little sour taste of apple, in addition to the fatty taste of butter, the aroma of cinnamon makes […]