Mistake when using the microwave that you don’t know

Mistake when using the microwave

Today’s microwave oven has become an effective assistant for every family when in the kitchen to defrost, reheat and prepare food. Although it has become a familiar item, there are many mistakes when using a microwave oven that you may not know and are easy to ignore. If you do not know how to use the microwave properly, you will not be able to process the desired dishes and will not ensure the longevity of the oven. Let’s immediately refer to mistake when using a microwave oven in the article below!

Mistake when using the microwave that you don’t know

1. Do not use the microwave to process vegetables

The first mistake that many families make when using the microwave oven is that they only use the microwave to process starchy or fish-based dishes, completely ignoring the vegetable dishes. You can completely use the microwave at home to prepare dishes from simple to complex with vegetables and fruits. Vegetables can retain the highest nutrient content when exposed to the least amount of water and heat.

Mistake when using the microwave
Do not use the microwave to process vegetables

If you use a microwave to steam broccoli, you can help minimize the loss of vitamin C and the anti-cancer glucosinolate compared to other methods.

You can put the broccoli in a microwaveable bowl and add some water. Choose to use large porcelain bowls or small porcelain trays, preferably with a lid. With 450g of broccoli (about one), you will need to add 2-3 tablespoons of water.

2. Put a lot of things in the microwave

The second mistake when using the microwave is putting too many objects on the top of the microwave.

In the case of limited kitchen space, you will often use the microwave as a table to place spice jars, cups, plates, or even upside-down pots, pots, pans, pans, etc. This is an extremely wrong habit because when operating, the microwave oven will release heat rays that affect surrounding objects.

An important rule to remember is to keep the space above and around the microwave clear and ventilated.

If the space is too tight and you have to put things up, be sure to remove them when you start to open the microwave. When you’re done using it, wait until the microwave has cooled down completely before putting the items back on.

3. Use plastic containers

One mistake when using a microwave oven that can lead to serious health consequences is using a plastic container to reheat food.

Mistake when using the microwave
Use plastic containers

Unless your plastic food container is labeled “microwaveable”, you should never use a plastic container in the microwave. Various chemicals in the containers can be the cause of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and even infertility. Chemicals can be released into food through cooking.

You should choose food containers made of glass or ceramic. These materials are not only safe in the microwave but also help you increase your appetite.

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4. Boiling water for too long

Boiling a small amount of water for too long in the microwave can cause overheating. Overheated water shows no sign of boiling but will release heat if displaced. When removed from the oven, the liquid can easily splatter and burn you, boiling water can splash into the eyes causing corneal burns and even blindness.

To be on the safe side, you should refrain from boiling water in the microwave, as you won’t know when the liquid has overheated. If you need to boil water but do not have time to boil it with a regular kettle, you can still boil it in the microwave, but you must adhere to the following safety rules:

  • Avoid boiling the water for too long.
  • Use a wooden spoon in the cup to reduce the temperature of the liquid being boiled.
  • Keep your face away when taking the boiling water out of the oven.

5. Do not clean the oven regularly

The next mistake when using a microwave oven is not cleaning the oven regularly.

Food scraps can stick to the oven walls and become rotting, producing harmful bacteria. These bacteria can spread to food and make you sick. In addition, dirt, and leftover food can also reduce the performance of the oven, causing your microwave to fail faster.

Mistake when using the microwave
Do not clean the oven regularly

You need to clean the inside of the microwave at least once a week and clean the outside every two days.

Many busy people do not clean regularly is also a common mistake when using the microwave. Even if your microwave doesn’t look dirty at all, it’s still a good idea to schedule regular cleanings. You can use a wet cloth to wipe the oven from the inside out to remove bacteria in the oven.

6. Boiling eggs in the oven the wrong way

Eggs are a special food because they are a liquid protein. When exposed to heat, the egg will solidify into a mass of water and generate strong heat, causing an explosion, breaking the solid protein layer in the shell, and causing the egg to explode in the oven.

You can fix it by putting the eggs in a microwaveable bowl, covering the eggs with water with 1/2 teaspoon of salt, on high power for 10 minutes. When the oven is off, take the egg bowl out, put the eggs in cold water and peel them as usual. The water and salt outside will generate heat to help cook the eggs faster, limiting the amount of steam that forms inside the eggs.

7. Do not change the capacity of the furnace

Not changing the capacity of the oven for each dish is also one of the mistakes when using a microwave.

When using the oven, you can only use a general power level to apply to all foods for ease of operation. However, changing the capacity of the oven for each type of food will save you time and retain the nutritional value of the dish.

Mistake when using the microwave
Do not change the capacity of the furnace

The right power level will help food reach the right maturity, and retain nutrients and delicious taste.

To prepare delicious and nutritious dishes with a microwave oven, you need to carefully read the instructions for use for each type of microwave oven for correct operation.

Above are 7 mistakes when using the microwave that you should know to avoid. Hopefully, after reading the above article, you will be able to use it properly to both ensure safety for your health and improve the life of your microwave oven.

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