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9 benefits from apple juice for humans

9 benefits from apple juice for humans

Do you like to drink apple juice? If so, that’s good news for you. Apple juice has so many benefits that you will enjoy drinking it even more. We all know apple is the healthiest fruit, so is it better to consume it in juice form? Refer to the article below about 9 benefits of […]

5 American sweet pie should not be missed when traveling

American sweet pie

America is a multi-racial country, so the cuisine here is also extremely unique and attractive. For a long time, cakes in America have become very famous because of their attractive taste, the number of cakes is very diverse. If you come to the US without tasting the famous pastries of this country, you have missed […]

Check out the apple pie recipe right away to have delicious cakes

apple pie

Baked apple pie is a traditional American dessert, especially in North American restaurants. Apple Pie has a thin, crispy crust, but hidden inside is a charming sweet filling. The filling has a sweet taste, mixed with a little sour taste of apple, in addition to the fatty taste of butter, the aroma of cinnamon makes […]

8 health benefits of apples bring to people that you never expected

Health benefits of apples

Apples have long been known as a delicious fruit and are rich in nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin C, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, potassium,… It is often said that “Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So let’s learn about 8 health benefits of apples for people in the article below! […]

Top 7 most popular food in America can’t help but try

Top 7 most popular food in America can't help but try

Along with the Statue of Liberty, yellow taxicabs and skyscrapers, food is also one of the ingredients that attracts American tourists to come and explore. The multiculturalism in this country makes American cuisine also extremely rich. So let’s find out about the top 7 most popular food in America that you can’t help but try […]

Interesting things you should know about Italian coffee culture

Italian coffee culture

An American will have the habit of walking into a store, ordering a quick cup of coffee, and then carrying them on the way to work. The French and Vietnamese consider drinking coffee a pleasure to enjoy life: Sip and slow down. How about in Italy – one of the cradles of coffee in the […]