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4 types of Japanese noodles represent traditional cuisine

types of Japanese noodles

The Japanese are very proud of their long-standing cultural traditions as well as the most “fastidious” tastes in the world. Japanese dishes are famous for their variety and richness, both delicious and elaborately decorated. It can be said that Japanese cuisine contains in it the whole soul of the land of the rising sun. Besides […]

Magical attraction from Japanese street food

Japanese street food

When you come to Japan, you can comfortably enjoy the typical dishes in the restaurant. In addition, street food is always a great choice. Because enjoying street food also helps visitors to discover more about Japanese culture. Or you will go to famous Japanese food streets, go more to beautiful, interesting and attractive tourist destinations. […]

9 health benefits of American seaway foods

9 health benefits of American seaway foods

Seafood is one of the most popular foods in the world as well as provides great benefits to the human body. They are rich in nutrients, serve as a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and reduce common ailments. Let’s learn about the special health benefits of American […]

American cuisine and popular dishes in America

American cuisine and popular dishes in America

According to the evaluation of culinary experts in the world, American cuisine is very close and suitable for all tastes. Most of the dishes are prepared simply, not focusing on a certain spice or flavor, but always changing according to different ingredients. Then let’s learn about American cuisine in the article below! Popular dishes in […]

What’s on the daily’s menu in the US?

What's on the dailys menu in the US

Although the United States is a country with diverse culinary cultures, each region has its unique cuisine. If Vietnamese people use rice to cook rice in their main meal, Americans use cereals and wheat to make bread, biscuits served with meat and mixed vegetables. So let’s find out what the daily’s menu of Americans has […]

The best dessert in Sedona that you shouldn’t miss when you visit this beautiful place

The best dessert in Sedona

In addition to the eye-catching and outstanding savory dishes, at Sedona, there are also many delicious desserts that you should know. Join us to find out the best dessert in Sedona in the article below right. The best dessert in Sedona 1. Cornbread Topping the list of the best dessert in Sedona is the classic […]