5 American sweet pie should not be missed when traveling

American sweet pie

America is a multi-racial country, so the cuisine here is also extremely unique and attractive. For a long time, cakes in America have become very famous because of their attractive taste, the number of cakes is very diverse.
If you come to the US without tasting the famous pastries of this country, you have missed an extremely interesting experience. Please refer to the 5 American sweet pie in the following article right away!

5 American sweet pie

1. Cronuts

This is an American sweet pie that can make visitors go crazy with its attractive taste. This cake is created by combining American-style donuts with the u-style croissant. Americans like donuts and also like a croissant, so cronut was born to meet the tastes of the majority of Americans.

American sweet pie

The layer of cake flour is both flexible and crispy, making it easy for eaters to be mesmerized by its excellent taste.
Cronut is sold everywhere, from specialty stores to coffee shops, and bakeries in general. It can be eaten at almost any time of the day with Americans, breakfast, lunch, snack, or even late-night snack.
If you want to enjoy this super delicious cronut, go to the bakeries in New York. But remember to come early because this cake will always sell out before 11 pm.

2. Alaska Cupcake

The cupcakes in Alaska always make the sweet lovers crave. The cold climate here makes people create typical pastries.
Cupcakes in Alaska are not focused too much on the shape, but its highlight is their warmth and delicious taste. The ingredients of the cake are spongy sponge cake with cold cream inside and warm meringue crust.
It is the combination of keeping hot and cold, soft and hard, that brings a wonderful taste experience to diners and makes it the most attractive American sweet pie.
To enjoy this cake when traveling to the US, you can go to bakeries in Alaska.

3. Chocolate sponge cake

American sweet pie
Chocolate sponge cake

Chocolate sponge cake is a great American sweet pie for those who love sweets and also love chocolate.
The sponge core is soft and light, the egg cream is smooth, and the chocolate sauce ripples on the surface that make anyone crave it. If you want to taste the best chocolate sponge cake, go to Boston, an ancient city with beautiful scenery and unique food culture.

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4. Key lime pie

Key lime pie is also an American sweet pie not to be missed when coming here. This cake is most delicious in the state of Florida, which is famous for its immense gardens and delicious fruit trees. Key lime pie in Florida is famous throughout the United States for its distinct tropical flavor.
The ingredients for the cake are green lemons, not yellow lemons like in other regions. If you have the opportunity to travel to the US and visit Florida, you can go to famous bakeries such as The Florida Key Lime Pie Company, and Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory to taste this attractive cake.

5. Pastry

Coming to Texas in the United States, the type of cake that you will hardly be able to ignore is the pastry.
This cake is also known as a thousand-layer bread. The cake is made from wheat flour, stuffed with apple sauce with caramel.

American sweet pie

This American sweet pie has a crispy, spongy crust, fragrant with the aroma of apple sauce, and the inside is rich in fat from apple sauce with caramel.
If you have the opportunity to come here, you should try this special American Pastry at any pastry shop here.


Above are 5 American sweet pie. If you have the opportunity to travel to the US, try these pastries to have an enjoyable experience in this beautiful country!

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