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My Story

First of all, Relics Restaurant would like to thank readers for visiting and staying with Relics Restaurant.

I am inherently a highly skilled person in the culinary field. I’m just a Blogger and have a great passion for food. My predestined relationship with food was also about a year ago. That was the time when I first stepped into the field of blogging. It’s also coincidental that I chose FOOD as my topic of choice. And after a while, I also gained a lot of success from this topic. is an information page to share recipes, delicious dishes every day such as fried, fried, boiled, or snack foods.

In addition, Relics Restaurant also reviews household products and home life in as much detail as possible.

The mission of

In the era of 4.0 with the explosion of the internet, we can easily access and read information on the internet easily.

However, having too much information also makes many readers feel distracted, and diluted. Understanding that, Relics Restaurant was born to:

Provide and constantly update the ways of making dishes, or delicious, trendy, and various national dishes.
We also research, experience and review a number of household products such as ovens, air fryers, televisions, refrigerators, etc. to help readers have a more multi-dimensional and objective view.
We also understand that food is one of the issues of great concern to society when it directly affects the health and life of each person. Therefore, we have a careful and strict process of collecting and controlling information.

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