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Filmstage Nostalgia

"As Ben Jones and Howdy Lewis, a couple of middle-aged, non-too-bright bronco busters - 'cowboys with their brains kicked out' - Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda make two of the most likable Western heroes in many a moon. "

Under the employ of a notoriously stingy rancher named Jim Ed Love (Chill Wills), their futile, bone-bruising attempts to tame an ornery roan named "Ol' Fooler" causes them to dream of desert isles "where there ain't no grass, ain't no horses."

Speculating on an appropriate end for his equine enemy, Ben figures "I could take it and have it boiled down into soap...and take lots and lots of showers." "Whatever suits you," concedes Howdy, "just tickles me plum to death."

Filmed against the sweeping scenery of Arizona's high country, The Rounders, with its sly humor and many hilarious episodes, rates as a cowboy classic that will "tickle you plumb to death."





Standing in front of Rainbows End Saloon

 An aerial shot of Rainbows End as seen in the film


Movie Still: Main characters sitting at a booth at what is nowadays Relics Lounge. The Bar is seen in the background, however it looks nothing as is does today. Why? Find out here!




Movie Still: The beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona are visible through the windows, and just behind the mechanic you can see the cigarette dispenser. Another cigarette dispenser, which is now an antique stands in our Poolroom.